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CBD Cream for Pain: Soothing Your Joints & Muscles

“Life is pain” is a proverb with some popularity among cynics. For many, the phrase is hardly poetic and all too literal. A variety of conditions can cause a person to feel constant hurt, whether on a specific part of the body or just in general. In fact, chronic pain is itself a condition. People who experience these medical issues often feel worn down, not just physically but also mentally and spiritually. For them, the mere act of existence may be, at best, divided between moments of pain and moments of dread.

Complicating matters further is that treatment can be treacherous and cause more pain in the long run. Just ask anyone who has firsthand or secondhand experience with opioid and painkiller addiction. Thankfully, those drugs are not the only option. Many people swear by the healing properties of cannabidiol (CBD) and testify that the products can, among other things, reduce pain and inflammation. Here is some information on the option of using CBD cream for pain.

How are CBD Creams Used to Treat Pain?

If you have a joint or a part of the body that aches, you could try rubbing a topical cream with CBD as an ingredient. The idea is that as you rub the cream over the affected area, the cannabidiol will penetrate the skin and interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system. These receptors connect to your nervous system, and interactions between different cannabinoid chemicals — including cannabidiol — can affect a variety of sensations — including pain. The cream may have other ingredients as well, chosen and added in to help manage and reduce pain even further than CBD could alone.

Existing research points to positive results for using CBD cream for pain. Studies in recent decades seem to indicate, for example, that rats experience less pain and greater mobility when researchers applied CBD topical cream on their bodies. Of course, the biology of rats is not identical to that of humans. To be clear and transparent, further research may be necessary to reach a more definite conclusion regarding the effects of CBD on pain.

Despite this, a 2017 study from The Center for Medicinal Cannabis Education shows that many already view CBD as a viable treatment in that regard. More respondents cited chronic pain as the reason they turned to CBD than any other suggestion. The second most frequently-cited issue is pain related to the joints and arthritis. Clearly, the lack of consensus from the scientific community does not deter many casual and devoted CBD users. They truly believe, based on their own experiences, that the cannabinoid can reduce or get rid of what ails them.

Which Ailments Can They Relieve?

As we noted, CBD can relieve pain stemming from arthritis. This type of pain is known as inflammatory pain, and other conditions and diseases that can cause it include headaches, cramps, muscle aches, and Crohn’s. A topical with this compound may not be able to cure all of those issues, but it can reduce the accompanying pain. It may be especially effective when combined with other anti-inflammatory supplements.

Furthermore, it can help people who are experiencing neuropathic pain. As the name implies, this type of pain relates to the nervous system. We mentioned earlier that CBD can tap into the endocannabinoid system, which is itself connected to the nervous system. The effects of this interaction can inhibit the production of inflammatory agents and literally soothe the nerves.

Another potential benefit of using CBD is that according to many enthusiasts, it can treat far more than just chronic or arthritic pain. Many regular users claim that products containing the compound help them manage a variety of issues. Two of them are insomnia and anxiety, which have been found to be capable of causing or exacerbating existing pain. If CBD can treat them as well, then it can reduce one’s pain levels even further.

Proper Care with CBD Cream for Pain

Overdosing on CBD is an infinitesimal risk, regardless of intake method. A person would simply need to ingest or vape far, far more of the chemical than is practical in just about any circumstance. There may be negative side effects, such as fatigue, dizziness, and diarrhea. Thankfully, even these concerns may vanish if you elect to get CBD into your system through topical products. Even if you do not feel certain about its effectiveness in managing pain, there is truly no harm in trying.

As a result, you can feel free to choose a product containing a high percentage of CBD. Products with larger amounts will, naturally, enable you to experience more of the compound’s benefits than those with smaller amounts. However, you may want to consider something with a broader set of ingredients. Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD products add other cannabinoids from the hemp plant into the mix, strengthening the cream’s abilities. The addition of other ingredients may also help the CBD get deeper below the skin and thus have a more direct impact on any hurting or soreness.

Lastly, you need to be careful with your choice of CBD supplier. As of this writing, there are few if any regulations regarding the creation and sale of these products. Sure, the Farm Bill’s passage in 2018 allows for the commercial availability of hemp derivatives, and a single CBD treatment received FDA approval in the same year. However, the market remains largely unregulated. Some people have taken advantage of this state of affairs to push untested or even contaminated products onto unsuspecting customers.

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