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Choosing the Best CBD Oil in Florida

Did you know that 14% of Americans are now using CBD products? Are you interested in joining them?

There's a lot of research on CBD right now, but preliminary studies show promising results. From general anxiety to joint and muscle pain, CBD has many potential uses and benefits.

Whether you're looking for CBD oil in Florida (or any other state), there's an endless array of options out there. But as you might expect in an industry soon to be worth $20 billion, not all CBD products are created equal.

How can you ensure that you're buying a legitimate, high-quality CBD oil or tincture? In this post, we'll reveal how and where to shop for the best CBD products.

Read on to learn more!

How to Find the Best CBD Products

A quick Google search will yield thousands of results for CBD oils and tinctures. How can you sift through those results and find a product you can take with confidence?

Here are 6 important factors to consider.

1. Start by Educating Yourself

There's a lot of conflicting information out there, so your very first step is to learn the basics of CBD.

For example, do you understand the difference between hemp and marijuana? What about the differences (and similarities) between CBD and THC? Should you use a full spectrum or isolate CBD?

Once you understand these basics, you need to identify why you want to use CBD. Is it to better manage anxiety or PTSD? Are you seeking relief from chronic pain or inflammation? Are you just curious and want to try it for yourself?

Whatever your motives, make sure there's research to support any claims you read. This is also the time to determine which form of CBD—whether it's oil, tincture, edible, or topical—that will best suit your needs.

2. What's the Source of CBD?

To clear up any confusion, CBD can be sourced from either hemp or marijuana. CBD products derived from hemp are legal in all 50 states (including Florida) because they contain little to no THC.

CBD products derived from marijuana will also contain THC, the psychoactive compound that makes you feel "high." To answer a common question, CBD derived from the hemp plant will not make you high.

The decision to use CBD products with or without THC is a personal one. The most important factor to consider is what's legal in your state, as products containing THC are still illegal in most places.

If you're unsure, your best bet is to buy CBD products made from hemp. That way, you'll ensure you're complying with the law.

3. Where Was the Hemp Grown?

CBD "products" are flooding in from all over the world. Without state or federal testing, there's no way of knowing where they were produced, whether any pesticides were used, or how pure the product actually is.

Make sure you're getting a trustworthy product by buying something grown and tested in the US. Colorado, Oregon, and Florida have solid reputations for high-quality hemp products and solid testing programs in place.

4. Learn the Lingo

As you begin to research different brands, make sure you're familiar with the different types of CBD. These include:

  • Isolate (only CBD and no other cannabinoids)
  • Broad-spectrum (contains CBD and other naturally-occurring cannabinoids but does not contain THC)
  • Full-spectrum (contains all naturally-occurring cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, including THC)

Full-spectrum CBD products may also contain other compounds like terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids. These all have their potential benefits, but make sure you understand exactly what you're buying.

It's also best to look for CBD products that are made with organic hemp to limit your exposure to pesticides and other toxins.

5. Study the Label (Carefully)

Aside from generic terms related to CBD, the label should provide a wealth of other information. Beware of any products that make extraordinary claims or promise to be a "cure-all" for every condition.

Look for CBD products that clearly explain:

  • Product identity (dietary supplement, etc.)
  • CBD content in milligrams
  • Net quantity in weight or count
  • Instructions for use
  • Dosage guidance
  • Storage instructions
  • Expiration date
  • Added ingredients (flavoring, essential oils, vitamins, etc.)

It's also good to know that CBD oil is derived from the leaves and flowering tops of the hemp plants. "Hemp oil" comes from the plant's seed and contains little to no CBD.

6. Has There Been Third-Party Testing?

Without federal regulation, it can be hard to know exactly what you're getting from a CBD product.

Make sure to only consider products that have verified third-party testing. This means the product has been verified in a lab to do what the label claims it can do.

This information should be readily available from the company itself or another reputable online source.

Ready to Buy CBD Oil in Florida?

As you can see, finding the best CBD products takes a little bit of work.

First you need to decide what form you'll take and what dosage will be most effective for you. As you research different products, find out where they were made and read the labels carefully.

It's also important to buy from a company that has lab-tested products and third-party testing results. The more information the company can provide, the more confidence you'll have that you're buying a high-quality CBD product.

When it comes to CBD oil in Florida, one company meets (and exceeds) all these requirements. CBD Products of Florida is a leading provider of CBD products manufactured in FDA-registered facilities.

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